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This could be one of the most versatile units in your fleet.  The Century 3212 is designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, city tractors and motor homes.  With multi-positional rear jacks, dual 15,000-lb. planetary winches and a 16-ton recovery boo, the 3212 is more than just another tow truck.  This unit was designed to handle a wide variety of recovery jobs, including side pulls.  At last, a medium-duty towing and recovery unit with many of the same features found in Century's heavy-duty Models.


Retracted 32,000 lbs.
Extended 12,000 lbs.
Maximum Angle   36
Maximum Hook Height 160"
Maximum Reach past Tailboard at 30   54"


Fully Retracted (with Forks) 12,000 lbs.
Fully Extended (with Forks)   8,500 lbs.
Extended or Retracted with L-Arms   6,000 lbs.
Underlift Reach to Center of Fork Holder  
    At Normal Tow Position  84"
Positive Tilt   20
Negative Tilt   10 
Tow Rating  32,000 lbs. 


Rating (first layer of drum) each Winch 15,000 lbs.
Diameter and Length (each winch) 1/2" x 150'
Type  6 x 37 IWRC


84" Aluminum Modular Body
        with 3 Compartments Per Side
Gas Door Shocks
Manual Control - Driver's & Passenger Side Federal Standard 108 Lighting
Lanyard Controls for Underlift & Boom
        on the Passenger Side
LED Taillights
Chrome Double Action Latches
        with Keyless/Unlock
LED Tool Compartment Lighting
4,000 lb. & 6,000 lb. L-Arms
        with Pivoting Receivers
Hydraulic Rear Jacks
      with Flipper Feet
4 Sets of Lift Forks Tailboard "D" Rings
Rubber Fenderettes Cable Tiebacks
Safety Chains Mud Flaps


GVWR 26,500 - 31,000 lbs.
Minimum Cab to Axle (Clear) 84"
Maximum Cab to Axle (Clear) 138"
Maximum Frame Height 38"
Maximum Tire Size 255/70 R 22.5


120" OR 138" Low Profile CX2 Body Side Stabilizer Rear Spade
Airshift PTO Work Lights
SP 12,000 Sidepuller Light Pylon (Steel or Aluminum)
Light Bar Wide Load Light Bar
In-Cab Controls Air & Electrical Hookups
Additional Lifting Attachments Manual Controls - Passenger Side
Installation  24" or  36" Aluminum Saddle Box
     (N/A with optional CX2 Body)
Underlift Tailboard Controls Chain Kit

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