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The LCG Carrier - Low Center of Gravity


Aluminum or Steel Body  

Aluminum Body:

  • High Tensile Double Box Extruded Smooth Floor System
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Sill with Integral Full Length Graphic-Impregnated Wear Strips
    Top and Bottom
  • Front Left and Right Chain Trays
  • Extruded Double-Box Sides
  • Rear Sill Reinforcements
  • 4 Rear and 2 Front Chain Locks
  • 102 in. Wide Body

Steel Body:

  • 3/16 Smooth Floor or 3/16 Deck Plate
  • Front Left and Right Chain Trays
  • Floor Level Roll Formed Sides
      with Stake Pockets
  • 3 x 3 Corten Tube Crossmembers -
          8 inches O.C.
  • 4 Rear and 2 Front Chain Locks
  • Black Body Paint
  • 102 in.Wide Body
Releasable L-Arm Wheel Retainers Lubrication Fittings on all Pivot Points
Mechanical Anti-Tilt 9,000 lb. Planetary Low Mount Winch
Inboard Tilt Cylinders Pilot Operated Holding Valves
         on Tilting and Lifting Functions
Fully Hydraulic Hitch or Wheel Lift BackUp Alarm
Illuminated dual controls Direct Mount Pump - 18 GPM
4 Side Body Marker Lights per side Cable Tensioner
Body Lock with Nylatron Roller Bearings Cable Roller Guide
Mud Flaps Winch Clutch Free Spool Extension Handle
Federal Standard 108 Lighting Four Safety Chains
Tow Light Plug LED Lights
Water Resistant Junction Box for Wire
         Harness Connection


Open Rail Steel Removable Side Rails PTO
Polished Aluminum Removable Blade Sides
      22 ft Maximum
Retractable Ladder
Trailer Style Rub Rails
     (Steek Body Only)
Factory Installation
5/4 Apitong Hardwood Floor Steel Body Paint (other than black)
1/4 in. Smooth or Deck Plate Pivoting L-Arms
Additional Chain Locks AutoGrip TM  II Wheel Lift
12,000 lb. or 15,000 lb.Low Mount
     Planetary Winch
Hydraulic Stabilizer
Model JXL Cab Protector
     with Aluminum Trim-Body Mount
Galvanized Subframe
Model F Cab Protector
     Perimeter Steel Tube-Body Mount
Winch Clutch Air Free Spool
Frame Mount Narrow Base Pylon
     w/Perimeter Tube Steel -
     6" additional CA Required
Dual Control Winch Clutch Air Free Spool
Frame Mount Pylon
     w/Chain Trays - Aluminum Trim or Perimeter
     Tube Steel - 12" Additional CA Required
Wired Remote Control
Frame Mount Tri-Box Pylon -
     6" additional CA Required
Radio Remote Control
SP8000 or SP12000 SidePuller Manual Slide Winder


Bar Light Trailer Hitch for AutoGrip TM  II
Work Lights Pintle Hitch Attachment
Switch Panel Aluminum Tool Box
     (33Lx 18H x 18D)
     (49Lx 18H x 18D)
     (65Lx 18H x 18D)
Magnetic Tow Lights Trailer Ball Plate   
J-Hook Chains V-Chain   


Aluminum Body Width 102 O.D. - 96 I.D
Steel Body Width 102 O.D. - 98 I.D
Body Extension 120 inches
Control Valve Sectional, 20 GPM, 2000 PSI
Oil Reservoir 12 Gallons
Oil Filter 250 PSI, 10 Microns
Pump 18 GPM
Body Rating* 16,000 lbs. Evenly Distributed
Wheel Lift Rating *   4,000 lbs. Extended

* Load ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Chevron reserves the right to improve or upgrade its products without obligation to modify previously manufactured units.


Minimum GVWR - 26,000 lb.
Maximum GVWR - 33,000 lb.
Wheel and Tire Size - 22.5
Accessible PTO Opening
Maximum Frame Height - 40 Inches
Minimum Frame Height - 36 Inches
Minimum Frame Length Behind Center of Rear Axle - 36 Inches
21 138    800,000 in.- lbs.
21 1/2 144    800,000 in.- lbs.
22 150    800,000 in.- lbs.
23 156 1,200,000 in.- lbs.
24 166 1,200,000 in.- lbs.
25 170 1,600,000 in.- lbs.
26 182 1,600,000 in.- lbs.

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